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Wake County Bed Bug Control

Until the late 1990s, bed bugs were almost non-existent in the US. Unfortunately, with increased globalization and as more people began traveling internationally, bed bugs have made a comeback, especially in Raleigh and Wake County. Furthermore, pesticide-resistant species of bed bugs have been popping up all over the country. This makes bed bugs extremely difficult to kill. Unless you're PROTEKT Pest Solutions

We understand how bedbugs work, and we have the skill and experience to tackle even the most difficult bed bug infestation. Our bed bug exterminators in Raleigh often have same-day appointments available and we are available to help residents across Raleigh and Wake Forest get rid of bed bugs once and for all. Let PROTEKT Pest Solutions get rid of what bugs you! 

Interested in learning more about preventing bed bugs? Click here to see what Wake County recommends.

If you suspect you have bedbugs, call PROTEKT Pest Solutions at (919) 694-4947 or reach out to us online. Our bed bug exterminators in Raleigh are standing by. 

Do You Have Bed Bugs in your raleigh home? 

Bed bugs are small, brownish-red insects about the size of an apple seed. Because of their small size, they easily infiltrate people's homes, are difficult to see, and because they are nocturnal, many people don't notice they have them until they have an infestation on their hands. Even then, you may know you have a pest problem but aren't sure what it is. However, there are some signs you can be on the lookout for. 

Signs you have bed bugs include: 

  • Seeing bed bugs in your home 
  • Bite marks on your arms, legs, or face 
  • Bloodstains on your sheets 
  • Seeing bed bug eggs or shed skins 
  • Seeing bed bug excrement 

If you believe you have bed bugs or aren't sure what kind of pest problem you're dealing with, reach out to our bed bug control specialists for help. We will inspect your home, identify what type of pest you're dealing with, and provide you with a clear extermination plan. 

Understanding Bed Bugs in North Carolina

The first step to fighting bed bugs is understanding how bed bugs function. They are very good at hiding in unusual areas, such as the seams on your mattress, around picture frames and headboards, and even inside electrical outlets! Bed bugs can also be tracked into your home in various ways and may even travel on their own from neighboring apartments. We have even heard of bed bugs spreading via shared laundry facilities. 

Bed bugs are difficult to eradicate because: 

  • They can live for extended periods without feeding 
  • They are very small and can go unchecked before you notice them 
  • They can be tracked in on clothing, suitcases, or on second-hand furniture 
  • They multiply quickly and in large numbers 
  • They are resistant to many traditional pesticides 

Yes, you read that correctly – bed bugs are resistant to many conventional insecticides. According to a study of the bed bug's genome, they produce enzymes and proteins that enable them to fight insecticides. This has made eradicating bed bugs extremely difficult, and this is why you must always work with a licensed bed bug exterminator in Raleigh like ours at PROTEKT Pest Solutions, to keep them from coming back.

If you suspect you have bedbugs, call PROTEKT Pest Solutions at (919) 694-4947 or reach out to us online. Our bed bug exterminators in Raleigh are standing by. 



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Kick Bed Bugs to the Curb for Good 

PROTEKT Pest Solutions is a proud member of the Raleigh community. We believe in giving back to the community that has given so much to us. With this in mind, we regularly contribute to many charitable causes across the Raleigh and Wake Forest area, including local food banks. As a company, we are committed to providing our customers with the very best services and the best value. 

When you work with us, you know that you will receive personalized services and that our technicians will treat your home with care. We believe that everything else will follow when you take care of your customers. 

Reach out to PROTEKT Pest Solutions for comprehensive Raleigh bed bug extermination services. You can call us at (919) 694-4947 or send us a message online.

If you are looking for a pest service, I HIGHLY recommend Troy and PROTEKT Pest Solutions.
- Matt L.

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