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Raleigh Ant Control 

Expert Ant Removal Services in Raleigh & the Surrounding Areas 

When ants invade your home, they are more than just a nuisance. They create a huge mess, get into your food, and can even transport food-borne illnesses, including salmonella. While you may be able to spray a chemical that keeps them at bay temporarily, you will want to find a more permanent solution. If you notice ants in your home, you should speak with one of our professional ant control technicians. 

At PROTEKT Pest Solutions, we have years of experience treating ant problems in the Raleigh area. Our technicians are skilled, knowledgeable, and can help you eradicate ants from your home. We can identify how and why the ants are getting in, treat the current problem, and provide you with a clear plan for keeping them from coming back. 

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The Problem with Ants 

As mentioned above, ants create a much bigger problem than their small size would suggest. When they get into your food or your pet's food, they can spread illness-causing bacteria. It has also been found that ants can exacerbate allergies, asthma, and other respiratory conditions. In general, you should never ignore an ant problem.  

There are a variety of ants found in the Raleigh area, including: 

  • Acrobat ants 
  • Black ants 
  • Carpenter ants
  • Fire ants
  • Odorous ants 
  • Pavement ants 

Yet, how do you know it's time to call in a professional exterminator? Generally speaking, you don't need an exterminator if you only see one or two ants. It's not uncommon for the odd ant to get tracked in on our shoes or in a grocery bag. However, if you see a line of ants or you have chronic issues with ants getting into your home, you should call out one of our ant control technicians. They will assess your situation, and help you determine how best to get rid of the ants. 

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How to Get Rid of Ants for Good 

There are several ways ants can find their way into your home. Often it is through tiny cracks or holes in your walls or foundations, such as around plumbing or wiring. They may also sneak in through poorly sealed doors, windows, and screens. Finally, if you have any low-hanging trees or bushes close to your house, ants may use these as a bridge inside. 

To prevent ants from coming back, you should: 

  • Always keep food stored in closed, airtight containers
  • Clear away all dirty dishes 
  • Throw away food containers 
  • Remove trash from inside your home
  • Keep trees, bushes, and other plants pruned and away from  your house 
  • Make sure all doors, windows, screens, and other access points are appropriately sealed 

The best way to get rid of ants is to schedule ant control services with PROTEKT Pest Solutions. Our technicians have extensive experience handling even the most difficult ant infestations, and we can use this experience to help you. 

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Regular Ant Control Maintenance 

While homeowners can do a lot to keep ants from returning to their homes, some things are not in your control. For example, a change in weather can cause ants to show up inside your home unexpectedly. Hot weather can send them in looking for water, while rain can drive them in seeking shelter. To safeguard against future ant infestations, schedule regular pest control services with PROTEKT Pest Solutions. 

Maintenance visits can be scheduled to suit your needs. Our Raleigh ant control specialists will inspect your property, discuss your goals, and guide you in selecting the services that will serve you best. Our professionals are reliable, trustworthy, and always provide their honest advice. You can rely on PROTEKT Pest Solutions when you have a pest problem. 

To resolve your ant problem today, call our office at (919) 694-4947 or send us a message online. We often have same-day appointments available! 

If you are looking for a pest service, I HIGHLY recommend Troy and PROTEKT Pest Solutions.
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