After the regularly scheduled service, if the issue persists (or new pest issues arise), we would be happy to provide follow ups at no charge up to the next scheduled paid service.​
Wake Forest Pest Control Company | Protekt Pest Solutions llc
Wake Forest North Carolina Pest Control

We are a local Pest Control business serving Raleigh and the surrounding communities.

Our pest control technicians do more than just spray around your home. They spend the time to assess the home for existing and potential pest issues and develop a plan to resolve the issue.

Multi faceted treatment

Our pest services begin with greeting you and ascertaining issues you may be having. We then will de-web the exterior of home (up to 20'), de-web garage, treat exterior perimeter of home, treat garage, spot treat fire ant mounds in yard, place monitors in garage and crawlspace and treat interior if desired.

Residential Pest Control 

Determine Issue
We will first determine the pest issues your home is currently experiencing by discussing the details with you. We will inspect the home for issues discussed as well as any other potential issues that may be of relevance.
Implement a plan of action
Once we have determined the issues being experienced, we will develop a plan of action. Depending on the insect, there may be instant elimination. Some insects may require additional treatments to eliminate.

​The typical pest control treatment program is quarterly,  in order to maintain a barrier around the perimeter of the home.

Our Residential Work Speaks for Itself

Since its inception in 2015, PROTEKT Pest Solutions has grown from zero customers to now providing over 10,000 services per year. Much of this growth is due to our incredible customers referring us to friends, family and neighbors.
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